Tata Steel BSL Share Price

The company changed its name from Bhushan Steel Strips Ltd. to Bhushans Steel Ltd., effective April 12, 2007. On 27 November 2018, the company was renamed Tata Steel BSL Limited (BHUSHAN Steel Limited). The company has established two wholly owned subsidiaries under its wholly owned subsidiaries BhUSHAN STEEL Australia Pty Ltd. and BhUSHANS STEEL Global FZE.

The company also acquired a significant stake in Australia's Bowen Energy Ltd. Through its wholly owned subsidiary Bhushan Steel Australia Pty Ltd. it entered a joint venture to develop its Coking Coal and Thermal Coal projects in Australia.

On 14 January 1987, Brij Bhushan Singal took over the management of BHUSHAN STEEL Ltd together with son Sanjay Singal and Neeraj Singal (an employee of the company) and then bought the whole stake. The Coal Ministry of the Indian government awarded the Andal East coal block to companies such as Jai Balaji Steel Ltd and Rashmi Cement Ltd. As part of the allocation, the three companies set up a joint venture called Andal East Coal Company Pvt. Ltd. "for mining coal in the block. Tata Steel (BSL) has 1 buy, hold and sell recommendation. The general consensus recommendation for BSL is a strong buy. With the acquisition of BSL, the IT management of Tata Group is not only among the best in the industry, but also in the overall market.

Tata Steel is classed as a super share because of the overall valuation of its quality, value and dynamism. The PE ratio (price to earnings ratio) is one of the most popular valuation metrics used by investors in the stock market. It is calculated by dividing a company's price per share by its earnings per share. Investors are advised not to invest until the respective company has been analysed and not to follow unfounded rumours and tips. Share price targets and forecasts are valid in the short, medium and long term. You may request to share your knowledge or evidence of systemic misconduct, potential fraud or unethical conduct via anonymous portal facilities on the BSE and NSE websites.

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The appearance of several bullish candles suggests that the stock could return to the Rs 110 level. Market gurus say there is a high likelihood of a revaluation of Tata BSL and buy the stock at a target value of Rs 150bn.

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