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Reliance April 12 2022

You can make a lot of money on your stock investment one day and lose it the next. However, it all relies on the stock you`re buying. Reliance Industries is the stock for you if you`re seeking a stock that helps combat inflammation while also delivering positive outcomes. Reliance Industries share is an example of a stock that may provide excellent returns on investment in the stock market.

Reliance`s stock price has risen dramatically since the 1970s. Buying a ril share might be the finest option because it is one of the financially growing firms in the globe. Reliance`s stock is constantly rising, and your investment in those stocks will rise with it. However, to invest intelligently, it is necessary first to comprehend the Reliance share market.

Reliance Share Price Today

Performance of Shares
Opening Price: ₹ 2280.10
Previous Closing Price: ₹ 2255.75
The volume of Reliance Power Share: 67,24,094
Value of Shares: ₹ 1,536 Crores
Fundamentals of Ril Share Price
Market Capitalisation: ₹ 15,26,095 Crores 
P/E Ratio: 29.99
P/B Ratio: 2.04
Industry P/E: 7.95
ROE: 8.52%
EPS (TTM): 86.87
Dividend Yield: 0.31%
Book Value: 1,170.15

Reliance Share Price NSE

Live Reliance Share Price NSE India: ₹ 2,283.00

Previous Closing Price: ₹ 2,255.75

Open Price: ₹ 2,280.10

High: ₹ 2,307.95

Low: ₹ 2,276.25

Reliance Share Price BSE

Live Reliance Share Price BSE India: ₹ 2,283.95

Previous Closing Price: ₹ 2,255.60

Open Price: ₹ 2,275.60 

High: ₹ 2,307.00

Low: ₹ 2,275.60

Reliance Historical Share Price

Reliance Industries share price has fluctuated dramatically since its inception in the early 1970s. The table below shows the variations in Reliance`s share price from 2018 to February 2022.

Month & YearPrice (in INR ₹)Open Price (in INR ₹)High Price (in INR ₹)Low Price (in INR ₹)Volume Change Percentage (%)
February 2022₹ 2,283.95₹ 2,404.70₹ 2,456.00₹ 2,244.256.72M-4.30%
January 2022₹ 2,386.60₹ 2,365.00₹ 2,567.30₹ 2,305.00126.71M0.78%
December 2021₹ 2,368.15₹ 2,433.00₹ 2,498.50₹ 2,247.10132.18M-1.55%
November 2021₹ 2,405.40₹ 2,536.25₹ 2,602.20₹ 2,309.00148.25M-5.16%
October 2021₹ 2,536.25₹ 2,496.25₹ 2,751.00₹ 2,496.2537.17M0.67%
September 2021₹ 2,519.25₹ 2,273.00₹ 2,570.00₹ 2,255.00151.83M11.56%
August 2021₹ 2,258.15₹ 2,054.30₹ 2,283.75₹ 2,041.15130.18M10.95%
July 2021₹ 2,035.30₹ 2,118.00₹ 2,153.55₹ 2,016.2599.41M-3.57%
June 2021₹ 2,110.65₹ 2,166.00₹ 2,274.90₹ 2,081.00232.39M-2.30%
May 2021₹ 2,160.30₹ 1,966.00₹ 2,191.70₹ 1,906.00172.77M8.31%
April 2021₹ 1,994.50₹ 2,018.00₹ 2,046.90₹ 1,876.70150.99M-0.43%
March 2021₹ 2,003.10₹ 2,110.20₹ 2,231.90₹ 1,973.70194.13M-3.96%
February 2021₹ 2,085.80₹ 1,859.40₹ 2,152.00₹ 1,848.00241.13M13.24%
January 2021₹ 1,841.95₹ 1,988.00₹ 2,120.00₹ 1,830.00300.05M-7.22%
December 2020₹ 1,985.30₹ 1,940.35₹ 2,038.00₹ 1,855.25232.77M2.88%
November 2020₹ 1,929.80₹ 2,027.00₹ 2,095.00₹ 1,835.10432.23M-6.07%
October 2020₹ 2,054.50₹ 2,263.80₹ 2,309.00₹ 1,991.00259.83M-8.05%
September 2020₹ 2,234.35₹ 2,100.00₹ 2,369.35₹ 2,044.25378.77M7.38%
August 2020₹ 2,080.70₹ 2,051.30₹ 2,196.00₹ 2,000.25383.27M0.66%
July 2020₹ 2,067.10₹ 1,720.00₹ 2,198.80₹ 1,708.05616.55M21.30%
June 2020₹ 1,704.10₹ 1,480.00₹ 1,804.20₹ 1,475.95397.69M16.37%
May 2020₹ 1,464.40₹ 1,426.48₹ 1,599.84₹ 1,393.00463.92M0.84%
April 2020₹ 1,452.23₹ 1,111.71₹ 1,480.91₹ 1,035.39478.25M31.63%
March 2020₹ 1,103.29₹ 1,342.38₹ 1,356.15₹ 867.43459.29M-16.17%
February 2020₹ 1,316.17₹ 1,392.10₹ 1,493.84₹ 1,312.56185.52M-5.88%
January 2020₹ 1,398.39₹ 1,503.75₹ 1,593.89₹ 1,393.99201.73M-6.76%
December 2019₹ 1,499.83₹ 1,584.98₹ 1,602.36₹ 1,493.89173.09M-2.39%
November 2019₹ 1,536.58₹ 1,441.34₹ 1,569.27₹ 1,409.19168.62M5.93%
October 2019₹ 1,450.60₹ 1,324.45₹ 1,475.66₹ 1,269.27165.83M9.92%
September 2019₹ 1,319.74₹ 1,230.59₹ 1,323.21₹ 1,161.64183.24M6.70%
August 2019₹ 1,236.83₹ 1,152.48₹ 1,292.20₹ 1,085.02241.37M7.06%
July 2019₹ 1,155.30₹ 1,246.24₹ 1,287.79₹ 1,151.49159.48M-6.93%
June 2019₹ 1,241.33₹ 1,322.46₹ 1,361.35₹ 1,236.93134.54M-5.79%
May 2019₹ 1,317.66₹ 1,378.93₹ 1,404.19₹ 1,215.97247.53M-4.50%
April 2019₹ 1,379.72₹ 1,357.14₹ 1,399.14₹ 1,308.60168.53M2.17%
March 2019₹ 1,350.45₹ 1,225.38₹ 1,374.97₹ 1,207.16188.46M10.74%
February 2019₹ 1,219.49₹ 1,222.41₹ 1,308.79₹ 1,194.68176.07M0.32%
January 2019₹ 1,215.63₹ 1,114.68₹ 1,252.82₹ 1,070.95215.78M9.45%
December 2018₹ 1,110.72₹ 1,163.87₹ 1,163.87₹ 1,045.09154.18M-3.97%
November 2018₹ 1,156.59₹ 1,057.87₹ 1,174.86₹ 1,040.14165.23M10.02%
October 2018₹ 1,051.28₹ 1,245.89₹ 1,245.89₹ 1,006.86278.10M-15.64%
September 2018₹ 1,246.14₹ 1,233.31₹ 1,269.32₹ 1,172.39181.64M1.31%
August 2018₹ 1,229.99₹ 1,179.22₹ 1,316.52₹ 1,155.00150.21M4.69%
July 2018₹ 1,174.86₹ 963.22₹ 1,179.22₹ 948.01201.17M21.96%
June 2018₹ 963.32₹ 911.36₹ 1,026.27₹ 909.83163.11M5.55%
May 2018₹ 912.70₹ 957.92₹ 990.61₹ 898.09128.11M-4.35%
April 2018₹ 954.25₹ 884.61₹ 1,001.51₹ 876.94127.09M9.13%
March 2018₹ 874.41₹ 940.83₹ 950.89₹ 871.74134.07M-7.53%
February 2018₹ 945.59₹ 954.21₹ 963.47₹ 862.82146.31M-0.70%
January 2018₹ 952.27₹ 914.04₹ 981.64₹ 897.89133.38M4.37%

Reliance Company Information

Reliance Industries Limited is an Indian company that deals in several fields. The company was founded in the year 1973. It is a multinational conglomerate and the largest private corporation in India. “Growth of Life” is the company`s motto that keeps up the spirit of Reliance. Additionally, the company has achieved global leadership in many sectors and continues to bring positive growth and change to the life of people. The segments that the company deals with are as follows:

  • Oil to Chemical (O2C) – Oil-to-chemical (O2C) segment of Reliance includes oil refineries, petrochemical facilities, and petrol retailing. It includes the refinery off-gas aromatics, crackers, multi-fuel, gasification, and gas streams. It also comprises downstream facility of manufacturing and infrastructure supply-chain, and logistics.
  • Oil and Gas – This segment comprises exploring, developing, along producing natural gases and crude oils.
  • Retail – Retail segment of Reliance industries Ltd. deals with consumer retailing and other similar services the company offers.
  • Digital services – Digital segment deals with offering digital services to the consumers. This sector of Reliance provides a high-quality service at a competitive price, never sacrificing quality or assembly performance.
  • Financial Services – The Financial Services vertical is responsible for the administration and deployment of the Company`s financial resources across various operations, such as non-banking financial services and insurance services.

Reliance Share Market Shareholding Pattern

The below depicted shareholding pattern is as per the Reliance Industries Ltd. Share Price Market of December 2021.

Promoters – 50.61%
Foreign Institutions – 24.73%
Retail and Others – 13.46% 
Other Domestic Institutions – 6.38% 
Mutual Funds – 4.82%

Reliance Share Background

Industry Name – Diversified

House Name – Ambani Group

Incorporation Date – 08/05/1973

Face Value – 10.0

ISIN – INE002A01018

Market Lot – 1

Reliance Company Performance

 March 2021March 2020March 2019March 2018March 2017
 For 12 MonthsFor 12 MonthsFor 12 MonthsFor 12 MonthsFor 12 Months
Sales Turnover278940.00366177.00401583.00315357.00265041.00
Excise Duty33273.0029224.0029967.0025315.0023016.00
NET SALES245667.00336953.00371616.00290042.00242025.00
Other Income14818.000013566.00008822.00008220.00008709.0000
TOTAL INCOME260485.00350519.00380438.00298262.00250734.00
Manufacturing Expenses13341.0016214.0018495.0013565.0010150.00
Material Consumed181207.00249921.00276627.00207441.00169607.00
Personal Expenses5024.006067.005834.004740.004434.00
Selling Expenses.
Administrative Expenses12595.0011923.0011806.0012555.0014578.00
Expenses Capitalised.
Provisions Made.
TOTAL EXPENDITURE212167.00284125.00312762.00238301.00198769.00
Operating Profit33500.0052828.0058854.0051741.0043256.00
Other Write-offs.
Profit and Loss for the Year27640.0035148.0035163.0033612.0031425.00
Non-Recurring Items4304.00-4245.
Other Non-Cash Adjustments.
Other Adjustments.
REPORTED PAT31944.0030903.0035163.0033612.0031425.00
Preference Dividend.
Equity Dividend3921.003120.002826.002594.00.00
Equity Dividend (%)60.8449.2244.5840.95.00
Shares in Issue (Lakhs)67620.6963392.6863386.9463346.5132512.78
EPS - Annualised (Rs)47.2448.7555.4753.0696.65

Rs. — In Crores

Reliance Industries Limited Stock Returns in 2020 and 2021

Month and YearPrice (in INR)Open Price (in INR)High Price (in INR)Low Price (in INR)Volume Change Percentage
December 2021INR 2,368.15INR 2,433.00INR 2,498.50INR 2,247.10132.18M-1.55%
November 2021INR 2,405.40INR 2,536.25INR 2,602.20INR 2,309.00148.25M-5.16%
October 2021INR 2,536.25INR 2,496.25INR 2,751.00INR 2,496.2537.17M0.67%
September 2021INR 2,519.25INR 2,273.00INR 2,570.00INR 2,255.00151.83M11.56%
August 2021INR 2,258.15INR 2,054.30INR 2,283.75INR 2,041.15130.18M10.95%
July 2021INR 2,035.30INR 2,118.00INR 2,153.55INR 2,016.2599.41M-3.57%
June 2021INR 2,110.65INR 2,166.00INR 2,274.90INR 2,081.00232.39M-2.30%
May 2021INR 2,160.30INR 1,966.00INR 2,191.70INR 1,906.00172.77M8.31%
April 2021INR 1,994.50INR 2,018.00INR 2,046.90INR 1,876.70150.99M-0.43%
March 2021INR 2,003.10INR 2,110.20INR 2,231.90INR 1,973.70194.13M-3.96%
February 2021INR 2,085.80INR 1,859.40INR 2,152.00INR 1,848.00241.13M13.24%
January 2021INR 1,841.95INR 1,988.00INR 2,120.00INR 1,830.00300.05M-7.22%
December 2020INR 1,985.30INR 1,940.35INR 2,038.00INR 1,855.25232.77M2.88%
November 2020INR 1,929.80INR 2,027.00INR 2,095.00INR 1,835.10432.23M-6.07%
October 2020INR 2,054.50INR 2,263.80INR 2,309.00INR 1,991.00259.83M-8.05%
September 2020INR 2,234.35INR 2,100.00INR 2,369.35INR 2,044.25378.77M7.38%
August 2020INR 2,080.70INR 2,051.30INR 2,196.00INR 2,000.25383.27M0.66%
July 2020INR 2,067.10INR 1,720.00INR 2,198.80INR 1,708.05616.55M21.30%
June 2020INR 1,704.10INR 1,480.00INR 1,804.20INR 1,475.95397.69M16.37%
May 2020INR 1,464.40INR 1,426.48INR 1,599.84INR 1,393.00463.92M0.84%
April 2020INR 1,452.23INR 1,111.71INR 1,480.91INR 1,035.39478.25M31.63%
March 2020INR 1,103.29INR 1,342.38INR 1,356.15INR 867.43459.29M-16.17%
February 2020INR 1,316.17INR 1,392.10INR 1,493.84INR 1,312.56185.52M-5.88%
January 2020INR 1,398.39INR 1,503.75INR 1,593.89INR 1,393.99201.73M-6.76%

Summary of Reliance Share Price in 2020 and 2021

  • Highest – 2,751.00
  • Lowest – 867.43
  • Difference – 1,883.57
  • Average – 1,962.88
  • Chg. % – 57.89

Reliance Industries Limited Listings and Indices

Key Dates

Incorporation Date – 08/05/1973

Public Issue Date – 28/06/1975

Year Ending Month – March

AGM Month – June

Listing Information

Face Value – 10.0

Market Lot of Equity Shares – 1

BSE Code – 500325

BSE Group – A

Ril Share Indices

Reliance Industries Share Forms under the Following Indices:

  • MCX-SX 40 Index
  • NIFTY 100
  • NIFTY 100 Liquid 15
  • NIFTY 100 Low Volatility 30
  • NIFTY 200
  • NIFTY 50
  • NIFTY 50 Equal Weight
  • NIFTY 500
  • NIFTY 500 Multicap 50:25:25 Index
  • NIFTY Alpha 50
  • NIFTY Alpha Low Volatility 30
  • NIFTY Commodities
  • NIFTY Energy
  • NIFTY India Manufacturing Index
  • NIFTY Infrastructure
  • NIFTY LargeMidcap 250
  • NIFTY Oil & Gas
  • NIFTY100 Equal Weight
  • S&P BSE 100
  • S&P BSE 100 ESG Index
  • S&P BSE 100 LargeCap TMC Index
  • S&P BSE 200
  • S&P BSE 250 LargeMidCap Index
  • S&P BSE 500
  • S&P BSE AllCap
  • S&P BSE Carbonex
  • S&P BSE Dividend Stability Index
  • S&P BSE Dollex - 100
  • S&P BSE Dollex - 200
  • S&P BSE Dollex - 30
  • S&P BSE Energy
  • S&P BSE India Manufacturing
  • S&P BSE LargeCap
  • S&P BSE LargeMidCap
  • S&P BSE Oil & Gas
  • S&P BSE Sensex
  • S&P BSE Sensex 50
  • S&P BSE TASIS Shariah 50

Should you invest in Reliance Industries Limited?

Every milestone results from a lot of hard work, effort, and making the correct decisions, but patience is essential.

Patience is the key to success in the share market, which is also important in attaining benefits on Reliance`s share price.

In terms of investment, the investor`s patience pays off with a high return, which is why long-term investors are the most successful.

Reliance Industries has produced a great return to the last year and is reaching new milestones daily; it has become the first Indian firm to attain a market capitalization of $200 billion. 

Reliance Industries` most recent return is as follows:

8.68% in one month

102.94 percent after 6 months

89.65 percent after one year

Many people are attracted by a person`s or a company`s short-term success, but behind that achievement is a lot of effort and patience, which he has put in for a long time.

The chart data depicts how the reliance on industries stock taxed the investor`s patience from October 2007 to May 2017 since the firm was unable to profit for the investor throughout this time frame.

However, those investors who stayed with the firm for a long time could make a large profit.

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