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Asian Paint April 30 2022

A few investment propositions have the potential to lure both novice and experienced investors. Asian Paints is one of them.     

There are various variables that have sparked a lot of interest and discussion about Asian Paints. Realtors in India and abroad, as well as certain Indian media, have contributed to the stock`s escalated popularity. 

The share market has been steadily rising for close to two decades, which can be considered a green signal for long-term investors. For instance, in 2008, the Asian Paints stock was under ₹100, whereas towards the close of 2020, the value surpassed ₹2,700. Today it is worth slightly more than ₹3000 and the price trend is still continuing with its upward trajectory.

If we have to believe the numbers, the stock still holds the potential to continue with its upward trajectory. Let`s dig a little further to know more about Asian Paints` share price history and present scenario. 

 Asian Paints Share Price NSE

Live Asian Paints share price NSE India is Rs. 3,136.60

  1. Previous Close: Rs. 3,042.00
  2. Open Price: Rs. 3,113.50
  3. Bid Price (Quantity): Rs. 0.00 (0)
  4. Offer Price (Quantity): Rs. 3,136 (2914)

Asian Paints Share Price BSE

BSE Live Asian Paints Stock Price: 3,135.00

  1. Previous Close: Rs. 3,041.60
  2. Open Price: Rs. 3,110.00 
  3. Bid Price (Quantity): Rs. 0.00 (0)
  4. Offer Price (Quantity): Rs. 0.00 (0)

Asian Paints Limited: Company Information

Asian Paints Limited is an India-based MNC headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The organization caters to the production, selling, and distribution of paints, coatings, bath fittings, and as well as offering correlated services. 

Asian Paints is the largest paint company in India and the third-largest in Asia. In the fiscal year 2019-20, the company made a profit of Rs 2,654 crores and earned revenue of Rs 17,194.1 crores. The company`s production operations span 15 nations, including India and it has a huge foothold in both the Indian subcontinent together with the Middle East.

History of the Asian Paints

Champaklal Choksey, Chimanlal Choksi, Suryakant Dani, and Arvind Vakil founded the company at a garage in Gaiwadi, Mumbai. 

In 1952, Asian Paints recorded revenue of ₹23 crores, but with a PBT margin of barely 2%. By 1967, it established itself as the country`s biggest paint manufacturer.

The four families owned the majority of the company`s stock. However, when the corporation grew beyond India in the 1990s, issues over global rights arose. Choksey sold his 13.7 percent stake and exited in 1997 as a result of the conflict. Champaklal passed away in July 1997, which resulted in Atul (his son) taking over his command. 

Choksey`s sold shares were collectively bought back by the three partners and Unit Trust of India. This took place with multiple failed partnership conversations with the British corporation Imperial Chemical Industries. Choksi, Dani, and Vakil own 47.81 percent of the company`s share as of 2008.

Shareholding Pattern of Asian Paints

  1. In total, about 52.79 percent of the company shares are held by promoters, with approximately 10.67 percent of pledging. For the past few quarters, the Asian Paints share held by the promoters has been persistent, whereas the pledging of Asian Paints shares has turned down from 12.53 percent to 10.67 percent. This significant gap occurred within a year from December 2019 to December 2020. However, pledging shares over and above 10 percent is a red flag. 
  2. An abiding escalation trend has been witnessed specifically in terms of FII holding. For the past two to three-quarters, FII holding patterns have shown a significant increase from 17.24 percent to 21.13 percent. 
  3. DIIs own closely 7.10 percent of the company shares. In addition, a persistent downfall has been witnessed for the past two quarters within the DII shareholding.
  4. Talking about the shares held by the public, it has always been recorded as more or less at 19-20 percent.

Management of Asian Paints

The following tabular data confer the management team of Asian Paints. Refer to the table to know the key pillars from Chairman, CEO, CFO to Board of Directors & Key Executives.

Amit SyngleManaging Director & CEO
Abhay VakilNon-Executive Director
Jigish ChoksiNon-Executive Director
Malav DaniNon-Executive Director
Amrita VakilNon-Executive Director
Ashwin DaniNon-Executive Chairman
Manish ChoksiNon-Executive Vice Chairman
R J JeyamuruganCFO & Company Secretary
Deepak SatwalekarIndependent Director
M K SharmaIndependent Director
Pallavi ShroffIndependent Director
R SeshasayeeIndependent Director
S SivaramIndependent Director
Suresh NarayananIndependent Director
Vibha Paul RishiIndependent Director

Asian Paints Limited Company Location

Registered Office Address
6A, Shantinagar, Santacruz East,MumbaiMaharashtraPincode: 400055
Official Email ID: investor[dot]relations@asianpaints[dot]com
Website Url:

Asian Paints Company Performance

Yearly Results (in Rs. Cr.)March `21March `20March `19March `18March `17
Net Sales or Income from correlated operationsRs. 18,516.86 CrRs. 17,194.09 CrRs. 16,391.78 CrRs. 14,167.86 CrRs. 12,647.11 Cr
Other Income-----
Total Income From Associated Operation and Other Operations ExpenditureRs. 18,516.86 CrRs. 17,194.09 CrRs. 16,391.78 CrRs. 14,167.86 CrRs. 12,647.11 Cr
Overall Consumption of Raw MaterialsRs. 8,524.17 CrRs. 8,432.51 CrRs. 8,647.82 CrRs. 7,100.16 CrRs. 6,737.45 Cr
Purchase of Traded GoodsRs. 1,649.06 CrRs. 1,283.88 CrRs. 1,010.66 CrRs. 742.57 CrRs. 646.53 Cr
Increase or Decrease in Stocks-90.7-210.21-247.86154.12-515.58
Power and Fuel-----
Employees CostRs. 1,128.66 CrRs. 985.43 CrRs. 902.79 CrRs. 791.08 CrRs. 742.83 Cr
Depreciation CostRs. 697.47 CrRs. 689.97 CrRs. 382.18 CrRs. 311.11 CrRs. 295.43 cr
Excise Duty-----
Admin. And Selling Expenses-----
R & D Expenses-----
Provisions And Contingencies-----
Exp. Capitalised-----
Other ExpensesRs. 2,812.48 CrRs. 2,845.44 CrRs. 2,770.42 CrRs. 2,459.43 CrRs. 2,364.44 Cr
Profit and Loss Before Other Inc. , Int., Excpt. Items and TaxRs. 3,795.72 CrRs. 3,167.07 CrRs. 2,925.77 CrRs. 2,609.39 CrRs. 2,376.01 Cr
Other IncomeRs. 366.32 CrRs. 357.54 CrRs. 278.81 CrRs. 277.50 CrRs. 300.90 Cr
Profit and Loss Before Int., Excpt. Items  and TaxRs. 4,162.04 CrRs. 3,524.61 CrRs. 3,204.58 CrRs. 2,886.89 CrRs. 2,676.91 Cr
Profit and Loss Before Exceptional Items & TaxRs. 4,090.38 CrRs. 3,446.23 CrRs. 3,174.57 CrRs. 2,865.83 CrRs. 2,658.05 Cr
Exceptional Items--33.2---
Profit and Loss Before TaxRs. 4,090.38 CrRs. 3,413.03 CrRs. 3,174.57 CrRs. 2,865.83 CrRs. 2,658.05 Cr
TaxRs. 1,037.87 CrRs. 759.08 CrRs. 1,039.81 CrRs. 971.03 CrRs. 854.95 Cr
Profit and Loss After Tax from Ordinary ActivitiesRs. 3,052.51 CrRs. 2,653.95 CrRs. 2,134.76 CrRs. 1,894.80 CrRs. 1,803.10 Cr
Prior Year Adjustments-----
Extraordinary Items-----
Net Profit/(Loss) For the Time FrameRs. 3,052.51 CrRs. 2,653.95 CrRs. 2,134.76 CrRs. 1,894.80 CrRs. 1,803.10 Cr
Equity Share CapitalRs. 95.92 CrRs. 95.92 CrRs. 95.92 CrRs. 95.92 CrRs. 95.92 Cr
Reserves Excluding Revaluation ReservesRs. 11,995.18 CrRs. 9,357.37 CrRs. 8,747.04 CrRs. 7,702.24 CrRs. 6,998.83 Cr
Equity Dividend Rate (Percent)1,785.001,200.001,050.008701,030.00
EPS Before Extraordinary      
Basic Earnings Per Share31.8227.6722.2619.7518.8
Diluted Earnings Per Share31.8227.6722.2619.7518.8
EPS After Extraordinary     
Basic Earnings Per Share31.8227.6722.2619.7518.8
Diluted Earnings Per Share31.8227.6722.2619.7518.8
Asian Paints Limited: Profit and Loss in the Decade

To determine the company’s growth in the last ten years, we have encapsulated compounded sales and profit growth along with the stock price CAGR in tabular format. It will help you to take your final call about investing in Asian Paint shares. 

Compounded Sales Growth
10 Years:11 Percent
5 Years:9 Percent
3 Years:9 Percent
TTM:41 Percent
Compounded Profit Growth
10 Years:14 Percent
5 Years:13 Percent
3 Years:15 Percent
TTM:10 Percent
Stock Price CAGR
10 Years:26 Percent
5 Years:23 Percent
3 Years:28 Percent
1 Year:26 Percent
Return on Equity
10 Years:28 Percent
5 Years:26 Percent
3 Years:26 Percent
Last Year:27 Percent

Note: TTM Revenue denotes the overall revenue of the company earned over the trailing twelve months. 

Asian Paints Limited Listings and Indices

The following table determines the basics of Asian Paints: 

Incorporation24th October 1945
The month of Year EndingMarch
AGM Month June
Starting Date for Book Closure-
End Date for Book Closure-

Listing Information

Face Value of Equity Shares10
Market Lot of Equity Shares1
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Code500820
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) GroupA

Asian Paints Ltd Forms a Part of Below Depicted Indices

  1. MCX-SX 40 Index
  2. Nifty 100
  3. Nifty 100 Low Volatility 30
  4. Nifty 200
  5. Nifty 50
  6. Nifty 50 Equal Weight
  7. Nifty 500
  8. NIFTY 500 Multicap 50:25:25 Index
  9. Nifty Alpha Low Volatility 30
  10. Nifty India Consumption
  11. Nifty LargeMidcap 250
  12. Nifty Low Volatility 50
  13. Nifty100 Equal Weight
  14. NIFTY100 Quality 30
  15. Nifty200 Momentum 30 Index
  16. NIFTY200 Quality 30
  17. Nifty50 USD
  18. S&P BSE 100
  19. S&P BSE 100 LargeCap TMC Index
  20. S&P BSE 200
  21. S&P BSE 250 LargeMidCap Index
  22. S&P BSE 500
  23. S&P BSE AllCap
  24. S&P BSE Carbonex
  25. S&P BSE Consumer Discretionary Goods & Services
  26. S&P BSE Dividend Stability Index
  27. S&P BSE Dollex - 100
  28. S&P BSE Dollex - 200
  29. S&P BSE India Manufacturing
  30. S&P BSE LargeCap
  31. S&P BSE LargeMidCap
  32. S&P BSE Sensex
  33. S&P BSE Sensex 50
  34. S&P BSE TASIS Shariah 50

Listed On

Asian Paint Limited is listed on the following stock exchange:

  1. Bangalore Stock Exchange Ltd.
  2. Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Ltd.
  3. Cochin Stock Exchange Ltd.
  4. Delhi Stock Exchange Association Ltd.
  5. Hyderabad Stock Exchange Ltd
  6. Madras Stock Exchange Ltd.
  7. MCX Stock Exchange
  8. National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.
  9. Over The Counter Exchange of India Ltd.
  10. The Stock Exchange, Mumbai
  11. Uttar Pradesh Exchange Association Ltd.

Asian Paints Share Price Target of 2023 & 2024

Along with the historical trends, understanding the forecast is equally important. If you are willing to make long-term investments in Asian Paint shares, understand the stock price forecast for 2023 and 2024. 

Asian Paints Stock Price Forecast (2023)

MonthOpening PriceClosing PriceMinimum PriceMaximum PriceChange(In Percent)
January 3663.680₹ 3677.970₹ 3663.680₹ 3683.2400.39 Percent 
February₹ 3678.820 3695.130₹ 3678.820₹ 3698.5800.44 Percent 
March₹ 3695.040₹ 3772.520₹ 3695.040₹  3772.5202.05 Percent 
April₹ 3780.850₹ 3819.880₹ 3780.850₹ 3821.0801.02 Percent 
May₹ 3822.610₹ 3916.060₹ 3822.610₹ 3916.0602.39 Percent 
June₹ 3921.340₹ 3963.020₹ 3921.340₹ 3963.0201.05 Percent 
July₹ 3970.080₹ 4058.970₹ 3970.080₹ 4058.9702.19 Percent 
August₹ 4062.300₹ 4129.140₹ 4062.300₹ 4129.1401.62 Percent 
September₹ 4129.950₹ 4196.780₹ 4129.950₹ 4198.0301.59 Percent 
October₹ 4198.780₹ 4232.190₹ 4198.780₹ 4232.1900.79 Percent 
November₹ 4232.920₹ 4284.920₹ 4232.920₹ 4284.9201.21 Percent 
December ₹ 4285.090₹ 4378.660₹ 4285.090₹ 4378.6602.14 Percent 

Asian Paints Stock Price Forecast (2024)

MonthOpening PriceClosing PriceMinimum PriceMaximum PriceChange(In Percent)
January₹ 4388.650₹ 4406.730₹ 4388.650₹ 4411.6900.41 Percent 
February₹ 4409.800₹ 4426.260₹ 4408.510₹ 4427.8100.37 Percent 
March₹ 4424.000₹ 4497.290₹ 4424.000₹ 4497.2901.63 Percent 
April₹ 4506.130₹ 4552.180₹ 4506.130₹ 4552.1801.01 Percent 
May₹ 4553.530₹ 4647.310₹ 4553.530₹ 4647.3102.02 Percent 
June₹ 4654.500₹ 4689.090₹ 4654.500₹ 4689.2100.74 Percent 
July₹ 4695.570₹ 4790.660₹ 4695.570₹ 4790.6601.98 Percent 
August₹ 4795.240₹ 4855.090₹ 4795.240₹ 4855.0901.23 Percent 
September₹ 4863.570₹ 4926.560₹ 4863.570₹ 4926.5601.28 Percent 
October₹ 4928.440₹ 4963.950₹ 4928.440₹ 4963.9500.72 Percent 
November₹ 4962.420₹ 5011.020₹ 4962.420₹ 5011.0200.97 Percent 
December₹ 5017.420₹ 5117.720₹ 5017.420₹ 5117.7201.96 Percent 

Should You Invest in Asian Paints Stocks?

Are you a newbie to the stock market and scrolling the internet to get the right answers to the question, "Should I invest in Asian Paints stock?" "Should I trade "500820" stock today?” Don’t explore further, in this blog, you will get all the answers to your burning question. As per the stock market analysis, Asian Paints Ltd. shares are good for long-term investments. 

If you have planned to invest in stocks that can offer good returns in the time frame of almost a year, pin your hopes on Asian Paints shares. From 2008 to today, the share prices of Asian Paints have escalated from Rs 100 to Rs 3100, which is a commendable growth. Indeed, this figure says it all. 

Based on figures, still, there is room for significant growth in the long term. The Asian Paints Ltd. forecast reveals that by 2027 the value of share price can shoot up to Rs. 6622.470. 

As per recent stock analysis, Asian Paints is going to introduce a positive trend in the upcoming time, which will result in making Asian Paints Ltd. shares a worthwhile investment.      

Regardless of the fact that you are a novice, seasoned or long-term investor, Asian Paints share price turns out to be a worthwhile investment. With time, the venture has pleasantly surprised the investors with a constant escalation of the upward trends. With a huge jump from minimal at Rs. 100 to Rs. 3000, Asian Paints has emerged as one of the safest investments. Without any second thoughts, invest in Asian Paints and reap fruitful benefits in the foreseeable future. 

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